Typo in description of Snap page

Hi programmers,

I found a typo in Snap! website description:

"around the workd"

I hope it will be corrected. I'm adressing this post to @bh or another admin

~ mk

Where did you find this? It's not on the front page nor the About page. Could you provide a URL? Thanks.

Super Long Link

It's the SEO.

I found it when I sent on discord one of links to my projects. Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

Got it. Thanks. Will fix next update...

On your profile you link your discord, off site communication like that is not allowed, you can’t just share that link.

NEXT update?! Does that mean Snap! 7.0?

You can literally just put your cursor offscreen

Dunno, but I'll try.

Actually, changes to the website are completely independent of changes to the editor, so I should have said "no, maybe sooner maybe later."

Oh, OK.
This typo isn't such a big deal anyways
so I can wait without freaking out

When I was a high school teacher, back in the 20th Century when you could get away with things like this, I used to give backrubs to students who started going ballistic. It worked great. So imagine yourself virtually backrubbed.