TypeMania Public Beta

I'm releasing a public beta of my new game, TypeMania!
It's both a rhythm game and educational. Basically, keys will come from the right of the screen to the left, and you have to hit them when they're within the gray box's range.
Hitting or missing notes will change the score by 1 or -1 respectively. If the score is too low, you'll lose.
There's currently no level select menu, user-friendly level creator, or music, but here it is:

well... is there any music?

No, not right now, only gameplay. You have to imagine the music

I wish there was music

I'll get around to it eventually

should I make some? I won't start right away since I'm working on a animation on Scratch...

Nah, it's fine, I'll make (or otherwise get) the music

ok dokay

my score was 13 on easy

Couple of suggestions to make it easier for beginners

Make the answer block default to easy (and maybe remember setting from game to game?)

Make easy mode easier :slight_smile: It's too fast for slow people like me :slight_smile:

You can enter - (hyphen) to keep previous difficulty

Honestly I think the scrollspeed is fine, any slower and the keys are too clumped together to be able to read imo. But maybe I'll add a system to change bpm as well, though that might be difficult to work with with music.
Edit: Made it so BPM is slower on easy.

Right now I can just spam the keys to get a pretty high score (33 on hard), perhaps there should be a penalty for doing it too early?

ima try that on easy before the bugs are fixed

Once I add all 26 keys, it will be a lot harder to spam, but I think I can make an antispam mechanism.
Edit: Done. Also announcement: It only plays well in the editor without fullscreen.

Please add remembrance of what level you selected at the beginning so it doesn't ask for it every time you restart the game with the green flag, or maybe you could keep that and make a restart button when you lose that remembers what level you chose.
Add it that buttons come from different y positions, to make it harder, and one more thing:
When I clicked the buttons nothing happened. Surely it was meant to disappear and change my score?

You can enter - (hyphen) to keep last difficulty.

They do! Although

there is a level creator, and I'm assuming you're referring to that. The Y level your mouse is at when you record a key will be the same y position the key is on during playback.

Did you make sure to click the buttons when they were over the gray box? (Also, you don't click them; rather, you press the key they have written on them.)

Update: Now all 26 letters plus space have been added in! Music sort of works, but it lags and goes off-sync a lot of the time... :confused: