Wasn't really sure where to put this. I am planning on making some video tutorials similar to what I did when I was teaching kids with Snap!. My question was would there be any interest in including those within the Snap! community either in a forum or elsewhere in the website. The plan was to post to youtube so they could be embedded. Initially I was just going to put the link to the youtube video in the comments section of each program and then publish the program. But that got me to thinking maybe the community at large could benefit from something like that.

I will break down individual topics in a video and was going to do parallax scrolling in the first one. Then make some subsequent videos and projects to build on each topic. It might be a good resource for teachers looking to use Snap! in their classroom as well as students who don't have access to a class to take.

Overall I would much rather contribute to the community here as opposed to do something on my own and host it elsewhere.

Well, these are always welcome!

Maybe the right way to go about it would be to structure the course in the forum, and then link to it from our Materials section, where there are links to a bunch of courses and other materials.

Maybe @jadga has a better idea?

Ok so put the links to the videos, projects, assets, etc in a forum post and then you all could link to it from the Materials section?

What Forum should I put it in?

What about this newly created category? :slight_smile:

Looks awesome. I have some free time next week so I will start working on getting them up. Thanks so much for letting me contribute! :grinning:

Hey, @nedens and @bromagosa.

We originally made the "Build your own Snap! Workshop" course on openSAP so it could also be extended by Snap! users.

We collected some of Jens and my workshop ideas and this is still work in progress.

If that's ok for you, you could post it in the forums there and we'll take a look at it. If you also have videos, we could either try to upload these on vimeo (that's what openSAP uses) or you upload them on youtube and we post a link there.

Also, I agree with you. It would be awesome to have a category here, where we could upload workshop or even just project ideas with additional material.

Hi @jadga,

I've already created that category. See two replies above yours.

I'd prefer it if these tutorials and documentation lived in this forum, which is free software and doesn't require users to create an account into a corporate web application.

We can always duplicate those so they also live in openSAP, but I think it meets our interests best to have this forum be the main one for the Snap! community.

yep, agreed :slight_smile: