Turn Snap game into a web game that can be played in itch.io without downloading

I need to know how to turn a snap game into a web game that can be played in itch.io without downloading the game or how to turn a snap game xml file into a sb3 or scratch file were I can turn it into a html and go on from there.

There is no way to turn a Snap! xml into a Scratch sb3 or any earlier Scratch format. Snap! has way more blocks than Scratch. But I believe there is a way to convert it to other formats though.

I think I know how to do this, You go to your project, click "Embed" copy the iframe code, paste the iframe code into a notepad app (or an online notepad) export it, (AS THE FILE FORMAT BEING .HTML !!) make a new itch.io project, upload the .HTML, set the file to be "Played in browser."

I used that method to put this old game on itch.io X Flash by sladescar

(here's my new itch.io link: hyposyn.itch.io)

Hope this helps!!

The global Internet works very poorly for us, but the website on our school's server is satisfactorily accessible. Is it possible to place Snap on our school website and post our projects there, so that students have permanent access to them on the school's general page as embedded? If so, how do I do it? Please help us!

You can find Version 8 of Snap! from this GitHub repository. You'll have to get your IT team to host it on the schools server.

There are few ideas

:hot_face: We have already placed Snap_8 on the local server. This did not cause any difficulties. Tell me how to build our students' projects into their html pages so that they refer specifically to our local server. We really need an example of html code to learn this!

And further down, the "official way" (as described by Jens).

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Thank you, I really hope this works also my laptop was on high volume so when I spammed your game it started playing the noise and I laughed so hard.

Thank you for the help I will try and use this

You can also add the embedMode tag to the editor url


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