Trying to make a Proper Operating System

(I know an OS inside of Snap is not possible, but I'm trying to make the core features that makes an OS)

I'm trying to write DOS in Snap! How is that possible? Local Storage.
I've already got some basic components working. It displays text in a List. I'm actually not that experienced with lists.

(please request features! I'm trying to make an OS here!)

Some Insider on what I'm trying to make here:

  • OS
  • File System with Local storage as a Drive (LS:/)
  • Graphical Manager build on top of LSOS?

i'm not sure if it's working for me, and i don't see any way to list files

I made a simulator like this a while ago, I can send it if you want!

I suggest using a text based console and not using the ask block, example:

I would honestly love for a watered down GNU Bash or Powershell implementation in this.

man now I want to make something agdjhgkhjagkjef

i made one

when i joined the forums that was the first topic i saw lol

i think i made something for it too

Um i made that project today

MS-DOS Simulator?

I sent a bash simulator, not an MS-DOS simulator.

i replied to


Yay! Nice, I’m Probably gonna make a very complicated version of Bash in the future in Snap! when I have time, or make NBAS in Snap!

I don't want to write the font code, looks too complicated for my liking. This Project is based off another on made on Scratch waay too long ago. I remade it in Snap and actually added OS stuff.

Next up, Folders and Drives!

Wow!Quite nice!

I wouldn't rant my post if i saw this first.

(can i join?)
Also I also have a simulator for a slightly modified version of my 4th cpu design's assembly
I have planned to make an OS on that platform but thought that it would be quite hard

join, as in join the development? I'm trying to start a group/company like hyposyn, with a goal similar to hyposyn (though i do not intend to replace it, i still want to work at hyposyn!)

Yeah I appreeciate properly made osses after seeing sooo many graphical simulations
I'll start my branch on assembly anyways after tommorrow(im a bit busy tommorrow)
I'll have to start some actuall research on what an os should actualy do though :rofl:
Only knew that it shouldn't have no file systems or threading

okay then! keep in mind that im working on this as im posting messages rn. trying to clean up messy code and starting the base for a directory system.