Trouble Saving

Hi there,

One of my students is having difficulty saving.
When she tries to save to the cloud she keeps getting a message that says "Project cannot be saved"

When she tries to save to the browser the message says "Quota has been exceeded"

Any help troubleshooting.

Username: gwyles25

Thank you!

Some additional information:

  • We tried clearing the browser cache/history information and the error still occurred
  • Her project is a sound board and the error does not occur when we take the sound bites out, but it does occur even with short soundbites

My guess is that the soundbites are taking up too much space. Any suggestions?

Well, first of all, you can always save the project to your local disk, using "Export project" in the File menu.

But yes, there's a limit to the size of a project. What file format did she use for the sound files? If it's WAV, try converting to a compressed format such as MP3 or OGG.