Triangle Loading

This is my first project, and the first forum post I made. This is just a doohickey I made. It's pointless, but hey! It looks cool!

Am I the only one who thinks Turbo Mode looks cool with this?

Also there is a delay between the first frame of the triangle and the next. I don't know if there is a "wait until" block or something, but if there is some sort of block which delays it, I think you should delete the block to make the animation seamless.

I mean, it does have some seams here and there but it's PERFECTLY fine.

Very nice! It looks great!

I don't understand.

to be honest, that is pretty cool. If you expand on it more, you can make even more cool stuff.

It wasn't a joke though.

I just see it switching from one of the triangles being above the others to another triangle above the others every few seconds.