"touching" in Sensing should be called "overlaps"

This is technically a translation issue, although with the English locale. Calling it touching sometimes causes confusion. For example, if the player stands exactly on the top of a platform, some thinks that then it's "touching" the platform.

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I like your request. (Imho, this is a feature_request and you can move it to that category, if you want; see how.)

After 14 years of Scratch/Snap! - I think there's no chance of changing it to overlapping just to cover the edge case :slight_smile:

You're right. (this counter-argument has made me change my mind)

Maybe it could be mentioned in the tool help, however, so kids can read that what is called "touching" really means overlapping (in Scratch & Snap!)?

@ddekany can you, please, upload here a screenshot of sprites that your kids use in their game in order for me to be able to draw an (updated) help screen proposal, using their images in it?

But, most kids don't use these for 14 years. And probably they won't use it for more then a few years either, because they switch to Python, etc. So, I think, being understandable for newcomers has more value here than for usual languages.


Touche. (Meant as a word play to 'touching', did I use it right? https://www.quora.com/How-do-you-use-the-word-touché/answer/Bhuvi-Jain)

it's probably best if you used snap costumes (like alonzo) instead