Title in the "HTML title" of a project

I wanted to make a request. When I use a project as a resource on educational platforms, the project title is always the same "Snap! [Version] Build Your Own Blocks". Wouldn't it be better if the title of the project appeared instead? Or at least it would appear before that default title, for example:
"Fireworks - Snap [version] Build Your Own Blocks"
I leave a google classroom screenshot so that it is clearer what I mean.

That'd be great if everyone had short project names! But in practice one of these desired title parts will push the other off the tab. We'll consider it.

P.S. Crazy idea: If the project is in presentation mode its title starts with the project name, but with the editor visible, Snap! comes first. Your examples' thumbnails seem to be in presentation mode, so maybe that'd work. I'll consult the management...

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