Tips and Tricks for Variadic Block Inputs

Here's a short clip explaining how to use a new feature which allows you to insert and delete items in the middle of a list.

I'd watch it except my wi-fi is coming from maybe 10-20 meters away and thus the signal isn't strong enough. (oscillating between poor and fair, with the occasional out-of-range.)

That was a nice video. Hope you guys make more videos showcasing tips and tricks.

That's the plan!

This isn't anything new, this has been here...

How is this a helpful thing to say?

It's new to me.


The goal is to collect all the things that surprise people when one of us does a demo and makes use of a non-obvious feature. Things like shift-clicking the variadic input arrowheads to add or drop three slots at a time. That's been in Snap! from the beginning, but still surprises a lot of people.

The tricky part is going to be figuring out how to organize the collection to make it browsable, not just searchable for a specific feature -- by hypothesis you don't know the feature exists!

Well that just surprised me. I've been using snap for a few years (since snap 5.4), and never knew about that.

Maybe we should organize a Reference Manual scavenger hunt...

Great idea. It might help me learn new things, as I still haven't read the Reference Manual. I'm not sure if I'd even do it though.

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