Hello, I was working on a big project for a college board exam and it was working 3 hours ago. I left it to go do some stuff and I come back to a message that says "Cannot read "Attributes" of properties of null" and I can not afford to lose this project this close to the deadline..

  1. I'm working off Google Chrome on a personal laptop
  2. The game's link is tinyurl.com/CTPRidge
  3. Nothing, just leave your laptop for a few hours and it happens

Please help me recover the project

Done. Usually this happens because Chrome runs out of memory, perhaps because you added a bunch of costumes or sounds? Anyway, I suggest that for this project you use "export project" to save to your local disk before saving to the cloud.

Good luck on the AP!

Thank you so much!!! Yea, I think there are way too many sprites and costumes, but that is the game. Anyhow, thanks so much for your help!

No problem. You might try using Firefox, which doesn't have this out-of-memory bug.

Yea it just did it again, I am going to try Firefox and reply to this comment