Thoughts on my lab 4.2?

I would just like to know if I did it correctly all the way. My teacher made us add some randomness to it so thats why some of the variables wont be spoken. Would like some feedback pls

It's fine, I think.

I don't know exactly how detailed your teacher's instructions were. But if I were doing it I wouldn't ask the user for an item number to delete. I'd ask the user what word to delete, then use lab 11 script pic to locate the word in the list.

In v9, you can use the revamp version of the if block:
lab 11 script pic

P.S. All your reporters' title texts end with a question mark. The usual convention is to reserve question mark for predicates, the hexagonal blocks that report True or False.

(Grammar corrections)

by the way, "the king" isn't a proper noun, it should be "King [Someone]"

also proper nouns should be capitalized: the United States, President Bush, etc.

Not the "the" (except as the first word of a sentence).

Yeah that makes sense