This script will freeze Snap!

Will freeze snap:
script that freeze snap

I think it might have something to do with this

Which, by the way, the play note block probably uses a very similar function that the play frequency block uses.

I did also notice that snap freezes whenever you use a note that has an e in it.


It's like those



More detail: If the note to play is 1450 and above will freeze Snap

what thing

That one means "water under the bridge." I'm not sure if there's a name for that kind of word puzzle, but there are lots of them.

I think it's called a rebus.

It is! Sometimes they're pretty hard, though.

um what?

No, a rebus is like a text message with emoji instead of some of the words. These things are more like ascii art; the whole picture represents a well-known phrase. tistitchme represents "a stitch in time." thing thing is "one thing after another." Etc.

Interesting. Apparently people use the same name for what I think of a rebus, like this:
and for this altogether other kind of thing:

Very confusing imho.