This is **REALLY** cursed

This happened earlier
Screenshot 2022-03-31 11.28.20 AM
I would have made a post, but was on the bus

How to replicate it: have a normal block on top of a cat block, then duplicate it, and then put the duplication under the normal block

ayo what

thats what i thought!


I don't understand what you're reporting. You give a snippet of code with no context, and no indication of what happened when you ran it. And your thread title conveys no information.

yes, a block connected a cap block is not a bug at all

I think bh just couldn't tell where the bug was that you were talking about.


Oh. Thank you for clarifying.

This is a longstanding problem; we hear about it once in a while. It doesn't seem very serious—it doesn't stop anyone doing anything. Next time we rewrite Snap! entirely...

Please dont. Every single project (plus snappinator) will no longer work.

Next time??? Did y’all do it for 7.0?

That didn't happen when Jens rewrote BYOB to make Snap!.

But don't worry, we don't have any plans for a total rewrite.

ok good

I've used the bug a couple times when making a project. One super easy way to delete all clones and have the main sprite run the code is just by doing this.

It triggers for the sprite, and all it's clones, but when a clone rus the script, it gets deleted, but the original sprite skips the delete clone block, and runs the say block.

Oh excellent! It's not a bug, it's a feature! :~)

I found it when i came to snap(may 20)
i don't think that its a bug

old minecraft thing?


poor old mojang

Oh I see. But calling bugs "features" way predates Minecraft.