This game has literally nothing to do with stars lol

i played it and it doesnt even have a sea star in it XD

what's the point of this?

a non-totm project in the totm collection

oh ok

u can play mine if you know how to do a gravity turn correctly(or you will not make orbit)

Self promotion.

nah im just saying that my game is a bit hard

bUt sEe FiSh = wAtEr aNd wAtEr = CeLeStRiAl aNd cElEstRiaL = sTaRs

Been a while since ive seen you here lol

if thats the case then i should just make a game where you can move a glass of water and upload it

Actually 10 days. I thought it would be longer though.

Well I also took a break, and ig time feels longer when you're not doing something you love

You read my mind.