There's something wrong with my level switching

What's problem you are encountering?
I'm making a game, where you switch between levels, like in a platforming game but it's red light green light themed so every 10 seconds the light goes red and you can't move or you get eliminated.However, a very important part of platforming games is the ability to switch between levels, and every time i try to make level switch codes when the player gets to the end of level 1, they flicker, and seem to be going between in the air and under the platform and then after a few seconds they just disappear.

What have you tried that didn't work?
i tried rewriting the code several times, and nothing worked

Post a project example, link, or screenshot:
Red Light green light

thx for ur time

untitled script pic - 2021-12-24T022739.753

You should try using the new scenes feature for your levels!

Bruh I pressed both Left Arrow keys and Right Arrow keys meaning that they both cancel out and I don't move, and STILL I DIED.

maybe it checks for controls and not movement

Thank you it worked!

Ok fixed that

You can't have shared scripts across scenes (Unless you use reverse codification but that's buggy)

You can make a library of blocks you want to share, and load it into each scene.

If my game have 10 levels (10 scenes). i will load my library into all scene. After, if i found a bug in a block from this library, i have to modify this block in all scene or import again the library over all those scenes.

I think i will never use scenes for level switching. Nothing (var, sprites, etc) is shared between scenes.

I think scenes are perfect to group many different project over a single project.

I'll wait and see how you use the scenes in your projects because at the moment I'm not convinced ...

I'm not a game person, at least not video games with levels. I'll probably never use scenes at all! But we'll see what Jens does with them...

Oh sorry, not you as bh, you as all of you...


Me neither.

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