The url block doesn't work properly (or the run html block doesn't)

I did
run url script pic
And this result:

Instead of

click on the "run snap!" thing first!

the url block doesn't get the css or the javascript of a website, like the website source code, it only gets the html of the page. If you got the website source (you can get it by pressing ctrl+U or right click on a page, or by going to view-source: ) it would probably work.

Can you make a block that get's the source of a website?
Like the url block, but better?

Screenshot 2021-02-20 201600

idk how.

There is no such thing as a source of the website. The website consists of multiple files of a different kind.

To display the page a browser is the best tool to do the job
Extracting data from the page is often referred to as scraping or harvesting and involves reading and parsing all or some of those files.

There is no need to use URL block at all.
Just modify "run HTML Code"
run url script pic (2)

i remember doing this and thinking of making a tutorial on how to make "Fake Snap!" with a custom blockuntitled script pic and then getting the URL block of Snap!

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