The unevaluated Boolean input to a custom block does not work!

It just always reports true.

Snap! handles all non-boolean values as true if they're put in boolean functions.

How does that help?

I was showcasing what kind of data the inputs report.
The t/f input evaluates the input beforehand, and reports a boolean.
The unevaluated boolean is much like the unevaluated any input; it ringifies the value. It has to be called before it can report a boolean.
Like I said in the post,

If you need to use them as boolean values, call the input wherever it shows up:
But if the value isn't used in any repeat loops or anything like that, where it would need to evaluate several times, just substitute it for a t/f value.

Not 0 or " or null or anything else other than undefined that JavaScript casts to false

yeah i forgot to say that

I mean:
Simple Snap script pic (1)

Does not work as I expect it to

If bool is unevaluated, then you have to use call to evaluate it. You were giving if a ringified predicate, which it doesn't automatically call.

thats literally what i was explaining in the last 2 posts

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