The turtle costume randomly appears

heres an animation (which i made on scratch, then used the snapinator to export into snap):

when i play the project the pink sprite suddenly turns into the turtle. what is happening? how can i fix this? thx

edit: sometimes the animation goes as planned, and sometimes the turtle costume appears
:thinking: :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

among us emergency button animation script pic (1)
is the problem. Since the turtle costume is 0, and when the costume is at 1, it sets the current costume to 0, which is the turtle costume.

thx. i fixed the animation. it works now:

the turtle thing still happens (only for a sec) but at least its not as noticeable as b4

There is no guarantee that walks animation stop right at the moment when "at the meeting button" is set to 1. So better to hide sprite and broadcast after "repeat until" loop stops.
among us emergency meeting animation scene script pic (1)

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