The search topic 2 electric boogaloo


I’m back! Yea ofc you can


Alright, all the blocks are added. Can you make a graphic for a kitchen with a drive thru window?

Hmm sure!

Alright, thanks! Let me know when you're done.
Post it in the actual Night Shift forum

@xx_pax_xx i made it so that Snap! Build Your Own Blocks a variable that increases every second can now be calculated

Les gooooooo

Cool news, I think I made it so now it supports a variable that changes every (x) seconds instead of a static variable

Also, is it okay if the letters from (#) to (#) of (text) reports a list?
or does it need to be something else?

If it reports a list you can use “list to word”

Script is done!


It was surprisingly simple
untitled script pic (8)


Oh Okay. Cya