The search is now released!

This is one of my horror games that i've been waiting to release. It is currently a demo version but is still nearly complete to be the full version this game has taken me around weeks to create. Hope you enjoy and try hard mode if you can! This game is about a investigation team you launched that you sent to investigate a house... They never came back so its your job to find out what happened.(ofc more story will come in full version) I hope you enjoy this has taken me a very long time and a lot of effort. Check out the search collection to get the game and view updates and much more!

Click here to play : Play now!

Heres the collection : The Search Collection

Let me know if you play it!

@bh you should try my game. I made the code organzied and with notes so u understand the code!

:~) I'm not a big game person. Maybe one of my teammates will try it.

Oh ok....

@jens can u check out my game pls?

nice start, I like how you highlight objects that you can interact with when the mouse pointer hovers over them, very smooth and slick! I'm curious what the raycasting blocks are for, another level?

Thx I mainly do that or use brightness effect in my games because I don't like games where you just look at the object, I like more design so I made the outline which turned to be good ! Oh i had a different project that was 3d for my horror game but it didn't turn out well cause i couldn't add the things I wanted so I removed it and had to make my new horror game on that same project.

oh yeah @jens we finished the first game and it looks way better than before even has a pc and all that if you wanna check it out

your project is private...

ill give you link|%20Full%20Game&editMode&noRun