The search fangame topic (Part 2)

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Ahem as I was saying @xx_pax_xx we need the sprites offset from 0 on the rooms position
And the sprites y position


For example bay a’s door has an x offset of -455

Ohh Okay.

@xx_pax_xx i just edited the project to have a label of what’s the offset number

So log that offset number and the y position

Alright. How would I log it?

I just updated the project
There’s a list block that adds the offset and h to the list


Can I have the link?

I made another update that condenses it into a single log pos block
All you need to do is put the y position into the place labeled “log y pos” and the x offset into the one labeled “x offset” press the green flag to test, then press log pos if it’s good

@xx_pax_xx Snap! Build Your Own Blocks

I'm not seeing "log y pos anywhere."

Oh. guess I had a different version.

The thing to the right of the “label” block is just text
The value to the left is the thing that actually gets outputted

Imma make a new topic because I don’t actually own this one


Im movingrn to my new house also when i get my laptop tall are gonna have to catch me up

Oh uh, Alright.