The memory is acting up

Whenever I try to save my project ( Snap! 6.5.2 Build Your Own Blocks ( which is all script - it sometimes lets me save it, saying it's about 100kb, sometimes it lets me save it saying it's about 3000kb, and sometimes it doesn't let me save it at all, saying it's above 10mb!
Also, rarely but increasingly often, it doesn't respond, saying
ERROR:Out of Memory, and it makes me reload the page, and rebuild all the script I made before trying to save it.

If the project generates lots of data in variable, especially large lists or costumes or sounds then that adds to the project size

Just have a little script that resets them to null values and run it before you save

Have you looked at the project? I don't have any large variables or costumes, and I delete all the sounds before I save it.

I got an error when i run it...

You need to import your own sound and then try the blocks on that. I was testing it on Eleanor Rigby, but I had to delete it to save it.

what is the size of your music ?
in MP3 ?

What music? There is no music saved in the project.

i understand, but are you sure you don't save the music with the project when you save it ?

do you store your music into a variable ?

No, I make it add it to my music directly, I don't store it anywhere besides for my sounds. I use reporter blocks to temporarily get music, then I could use one of two blocks to add it to my sounds.

And "last sound"

try this

Ah! That must be it! Thank you.

When you run it, the variable contains the last sound so if transient is not checked the sound is save with the code...

I understand

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