The blocks used to code sprites are to big

The last time I used snap the coding blocks were at normal size but now they are too big not only that menus and other things are very large as well it makes it hard to navigate with everything so big do you know how I can make it smaller?

Welcome to the forums! Go to Settings > Zoom blocks... in the editor.

it does not help the blocks are too big and the zoom is at 1 which is minimum

Welcome to the forums! Give screenshot. Page size is default?


I think he's talking about the zoom blocks setting

my bad, I thought I was on another topic.

would editing the stage size help?

and welcome to snap!

Hi everyone! none of your suggestions are working

Here is a screenshot Captura de tela 2021-08-21 165803|690x334

what is your os and navigator

I think you might want to update your browser.

That's definitely a glitch. I've never seen it before. With zoom blocks, the text on the blocks gets bigger, and browser zooming would just zoom the entire page.

@aomarcelo I think it problem of system- what's you having?

Zoom blocks is at five, which is the highest you can go, but it doesn't look like that.

See- the rest of the editor is in a good size, but in screenshot isn't good. Option 'Zoom blocks' probably haven't anything to this problem.

It might be a browser issue then.

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