The "and" and "or" blocks dont show up in search anymore

also thanks for making the and and or blocks have multiple inputs now
so no more of this :smiley:

reason:and and or having multiple inputs means that its spec is just %var

I'm pretty sure it doesn't use the spec for searching primitive blocks, because then why would the grey ring show up when you search "and"

looks like it spell corrects which also does all the other preposition blocks(grey ring=@addInput)

Thanks for the report!

Another thing: the search engine doesn't work when you are in the stage...

no pen blocks in stage


and search doesn't care of categories...

This is why

so, it's a bug ?

yes, this is an error in the console that appears whenever I type something into the search box in the stage.

ok, thank you for your research !

File an issue, please!


this is incredibly unrelated but google mentions snap in blockly documentation

'nuff said!


I meant, since you knew your post was "incredibly unrelated," you shouldn't have posted it, at least not in this thread.


thanks! I've just fixed this in the latest patch. Please let me know if you come across anything else!