Text for both bitmap and vector editors

Hi. As a Snap! user I think Snap! is lacking some things. Here's one of them. A text editor for both bitmap and vector editors are lacked on Snap and I think it's annoying. It's frustrating to work in Snap! and then go to another art software to work on text, buttons, UI, and other things that might require Text.

Please vote if you agree as I think this is a HUGE issue in Snap!. Also, WE NEED TO BE HEARD as a group of people.

This is coming in the future, don't worry.

We do try to be responsive to user needs, but when push comes to shove, what goes into Snap! is up to Jens. It's not subject to political pressure. It'd be different if you were paying to use Snap!, but in fact it's a labor of love, given to the world for free, and if it doesn't meet your needs, feel free to use other tools.

We have said repeatedly on the forum that both paint editors need to be rewritten altogether. That's a fairly big project and someone has to carve out some time for it. So, don't hold your breath, but we'll get there.


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