TEALS Intro to CS Lab 5.2 - Clones

BONUS: Assign each clone a different value for some properties, such as speed, color, or size. Try controlling these values from the master sprite rather than having each clone choose its own.

I have no idea what the last sentence means. Can someone explain how to do it each way? How would you have the master sprite control the values, and how would you have each clone choose its own?



Hmm... I didn't participate in writing the TEALS Gitbook, but here's an example of a script in a "master sprite" controlling clones' values, i.e. their "name" attribute:

Dunno, does this make any sense to you? Is this something you might be looking for?

Or you could do someting like this, where you can control the clones outside of that script. Change control and all the clones will follow.
Hope this helps!


You would probably just have a block like this untitled%20script%20pic%20(10)
So that each clone chooses its own color (or other attribute).

I think they're looking for something much simpler:

I vote for the Brian's solutions.