Talk: Ideas for teaching YOUR first Snap!-Workshop

Would you personally like to explore how you can give your first Snap! Workshop? Do you know teachers or trainers who could be interested in giving their first Snap! workshops?

Yeah? :blush:

In that case, we would love to point you to this opportunity by the SAP Young Thinkers, where you will get insights from experienced Snap!-Trainers (such as @jadga) about how to run your own Snap! workshop.

Title: Ideas for teaching YOUR first Snap!-Workshop
Date: April 15th, 4 – 6 pm CET
More information and registration à on the Trainer's Thursday Platform

This Train The Trainer is part of a monthly Trainer´s Thursday series that covers topics around teaching 21st Century Skills.

what is a Snap! Workshop?

Yeah, whats a workshop?

Giving a workshop == Teaching a lesson

This is a lesson in how to do give a first lesson in Snap! to students

... but the kind of lesson in which most of the time is spent with the participants actually doing stuff, as opposed to a lecture.

Ugh that's 7am my time. I hope it's recorded...

and this is why time zones matter

? Do you think I think otherwise?

That's feeling great!

Yes it is! Just register for the session - you will get the link to the recording afterwards per mail. Or check out the Reply Section on our Trainer's Thursday Platform probably 2-3 working days after the session run - it will be posted there :slight_smile:

I tried but it asks for credential and I don't see any signup option.

Hi, we tried to fix the problem - it should work now. Can you try it again? If there is still an issue, I would recommend trying it with another browser. :slight_smile:

Now it works. Thanks a lot