Switch to MIT license

I am personally not a fan of the GNU license. Could you switch to the MIT license(And the community site too.)?

Certainly not just because you're "not a fan." Do you have an actual reason?

That is not a reason and also that would be very hard for them.

What if I make a mod of Snap! and I don't want it under GNU? Or what if I want to publish a project under a license that's not GNU? It's the ShareAlike that I don't like.

One person can’t just not want a GNU license and they will change it. First they will have to change it on every place that displays the license, second the Snap! rules would have to change and everyone notified, third the rule that would change is very important, fourth some programs that Snap! uses and/or sources may only be compatible with the GNU license which might end up in court.

That's why I hate GNU. If you use something under the GNU license, your program also has to be GNU. In my opinion, GNU shouldn't even be called "Open Source" .

DO YOU NOT GET: Snap! probably uses some code and UI and sources from other people that are under the GNU license and require the user to have the GNU license. If Snap! switched license we could loose naming sprites, or making custom blocks, or libraries, or block designs!

That's my point, I hate GNU for that reason.

That's the point. The GNU license is free forever, while the BSD license allows software to be used in proprietary systems in the future. Open source means that you can view the source code, edit it, and distribute edited copies. BSD is used in most console operating systems because of its license, which does not help open source, and certainly would not help snap in a similar situation. The only reason where the BSD license is beneficial is when the product is competing with a proprietary product, which BSD is and snap is not. However, BSD specifically isn't doing much here, as can be seen by GNU/Linux having so much more market share.
This is written assuming the MIT license is a permissive license, like the BSD license. If it is a copyleft license, like the GPL, you should probably just use the more popular GPL. Multiple copyleft licenses don't help anybody.

Your projects are your own, and are not covered by the Snap! license, whatever license we use.

If you want to publish your project on our site, then (as the TOS says) you must agree to license it under CC-BY-NC-SA. We make this requirement because we want to encourage our users to be contributing members of our community, and also because it would be needlessly complicated for us to try to keep track of every project's license status if each had its own.

It's precisely because some people don't like it that we need a free software license (free, not "open source"), to protect the freedom of our work from people who want to build walls around it.

If that's your reason, sorry, not gonna happen.

It won’t matter because it isn’t going to switch to MIT.

In that case, close this topic.