[Survey]How much of stage can you see on your mobile device?

I sometimes want to have projects look OK on mobile phones.

So, if you've got some time, could you open this project and post a screenshot (or just estimate maximum x distance you can see on your screen) and let me know what phone model it is

This is in normal portrait mode (not landscape) (and not with phone browser set to desktop mode)

This is what it looks like on my computer - perfectly normal


This is what it looks like on an my old Samsung Note 3 - max x is about 100

Link is not working.

Oops - sorry - forgot to share :slight_smile:

I’m on ipad and it’s sized same as is.

Thanks for confirming that :slight_smile:

It's mobile phones that I'm interested in

On my phone it downsizes.

So what is the maximum x you think you'd be able to see?

On my phone it is about x =100

It’s the same as yours

Ta :slight_smile:

Why on earth would you view the stage in portrait? Okay, yes, it should all be there, but it'd be microscopic.

Plus fingers aren't usually very accurate.

Well I mostly hold my phone in portrait mode - maybe I'm unusual?

If I hold it in landscape - I lose some of the Y axis and since there's more x axis than y axis I decided it was better to design for portrait.

It's just a compromise- I try to keep important elements to the left so I'm just seeing if < x100 is viewable on most phones

I mostly do too, but I make an exception for movies on the airplane and for Snap!.

Chrome@Android 1920x1080
Snap -240..165 (i moved the sprite far right, with X displayed)
window.devicePixelRatio = 2.5

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