Super-Snap! mod

I am just wondering, do you have an exact date for when the mod releases? I am just wondering... :thinking:

@puppetia There isn't an exact date for the mod's arrival, just I'm repairing the errors and updating the mod to be like the new Snap!'s releases. (I'm a student, so that's why I'm slow.)
Thank you for responding to me. Welcome to the Snap! Forums! :slightly_smiling_face:


  1. Please don't post your age or birthdate here.

  2. I'm sure you meant this to be friendly, but "newbie" is sort of a demeaning thing to call someone, I think.

Ok, dear master. I'm just learning the rules from the text that is in your reply. Thanks. :tuit:

Great news!!! Super-Snap! is now available on my account's Google Drive as below: :smile:

Remember Super-Snap! as a beta, with the updates coming, I'm finishing the mod, any new idea can tell me to update more even if it is finished or not. You can share your own screenshots too.