Super formula!

I found this formula in this video

6 inputs, many, many results !

This is the project

@cymplecy : i think you will like it !

Run the slide show

Fascinating. Have you developed any intuition about the effect of each parameter?

I love the asymmetry in this one:

I rotated it so that the long legs would fit onstage. Three long, four short, although the one pointing almost straight down is kind of medium size. I guess the asymmetry isn't really surprising, since this polar equation depends on the angle. It's the symmetries that I should find surprising.

Okay, without having tried it, I bet that even values of n2 and n3 behave really differently from odd values.

m is the number of spikes / 2 : in your favorite one, m=14, if you choose an odd number (15 in this case), this look like this:
that's why I added this code:

n3 has an impact on the size, but not just that...

It's a fascinating formula !