Super custom blocks
I made more custom blocks! some of these were made by joecooldoo before me and I didn't know so..... darn.

My Rating: ★★★★☆

A lot of these blocks are original! The problem is all it does is make coding a little faster, and not a lot of them have a huge impact. But I must admit, they're lovely.

Isn't forever-if the same as while?

No. It's like [scratchblocks]
forever {
if <> {

I was editing my post.

It's equivalent to an IF inside a FOREVER.

Edit: If you've used Scratch 1.4, you would know, as it has FOREVER IF as a primitive.

Sorry. Wrote that post before you finished editing.

I’m more interested in those cool new categories “new blocks” “remakes” etc. Is there a block for those? Or code? I need these.

You're on an iPad, right? Long-hold on the palette in 7dev, and tap "make a category...".


I'm pretty sure Jens didn't originally want it, but he seems to have changed his mind.

Glad he changed his mind.

He didn't want them in, like, 2015 or something.

We are less interested in users making zillions of categories than in extension developers. BeetleBlocks, NetsBlox, TurtleStictch, etc. all have custom categories. The goal is to allow such an extension to be written as just the differences with Snap!, so that extensions can automatically benefit when Snap! itself has a new version.

I know. the better blocks catagory is supposed to be like that!

I constantly add new blocks to this so if there is anything you guys want to add tell me! nothing to hard.
im not the best at snap so I would say no js and level 2 blocks til I get better!
comment blocks you like and I will put them in the liked category

nice project. There are a lot of new blocks that might speed up coding a bit, but I have a few problems.

First, the delete all in [] is already a snap primitive, well, click the arrow in the delete of block
untitled script pic
last said? is just reporting a global variable
untitled script pic (59)
<is [] and [] pressed?> is needlessly complicated
untitled script pic (60)
can be condensed to just

for the <if [] pressed?> block, you can also just do
untitled script pic (62)

still a bunch of these blocks might help speed up coding for a lot of people.

oh....... I didnt know those could be done so easy.

That IF ... (REPORT TRUE) ELSE (REPORT FALSE) is a very common style in beginners and even some more advanced programmers. (We were just discussing David Thornburg's otherwise excellent Snap! book that has exactly that on its front cover!)

The key thing to understand is that a Predicate (a hexagonal block) reports a Boolean (true or false) already, so it's like saying IF TRUE (REPORT TRUE).

You could also do moving blocks to different categories that are not custom blocks and delete catagories that a default