Suggets Project

Maybe Some future things to snap

"select stuff "? What stuff? Scripts? Sprites? Crop the stage?

Text and different fonts into vector- Already Happens
2. able to select stuff. Not sure what you mean
3. shortcut to undo button example ctrl+z Ctrl+Z already works
4.Profiles i guess Also already a feature. Not sure what you mean, since you had to register to post here
5. sprite updates i guess? Not sure exactly by what you mean
Hope this helps!
Next time just post these question here, not as comments on a project.

No, I think we can show them as bitmaps, but not yet as vectors.

P.S. Nice sig! :~)

Odd. I believe I once used a font that I had on my computer, but when I showed it on my teacher's computer, which did not have the font, it showed up in the default font. For example, on this project, the 'Help' text was in the Press to Start 2p font, but it shows up in the default font. The reason the "Click to Start" button is in that font is becuase it is just an image, not text.

On my list is a text-box variant of a costume; it would appear as a bordered box, but text can be entered both by the user typing into it and by the program writing to it. The program can also read it. (So can the user of course.) A sprite would wear it like any other costume. Probably it wouldn't change orientation when the sprite turns, but I won't know for sure until we invent it. :~)

That's weird, because I definitely uploaded it as an .svg file. I also don't understand how you are editing the text box. Are we both talking about the 'Help' and 'Return' sprite?