Suggest a new function for deletion of custom blocks

That it would be called:
Delete all excess custom definitions

and it would delete all the custom blocks weren't being used in any scripts or in another custom block that wasn't being used in a script.

Isn't that what Unused blocks... does?


But unused blocks doesn't exclude blocks used in other custom definitions.

Could you show a before and after picture of blocks that aren't being removed that you think should be removed after running that menu option

I've always found that the blocks left over are used inside other blocks that are in use in my project

Unused blocks certainly exclude blocks used in other custom definitions... but, of course, if these "other custom blocks" are used! If not, both are "unused".


The only times I've been dissatisfied with its choice of blocks to delete turned out to be when I had leftover random bits of no-longer-used scripts lying around in the scripting area after a debugging session. Those blocks are considered to be in use. You could imagine having a "delete hatless scripts" option in "clean up," but that'd be a little dangerous. Maybe "delete hatless one-liners"? But now it's starting to sound like a kludge...

What I'd prefer (instead of deleting them, which may be too radical), is having an option to automatically fade (i. e. darken) every "hatless script". That way they'd be seen more clearly as good candidates for a manual deletion.

Nah, if I'm going to navigate around the scripting area to see a visual indicator, then I don't need the indicator. The ones that are problematic are down past three screenfuls of empty space because a big script was previously deleted, or, worse, the ones that are behind another script that I moved around carelessly. Imho.

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