This might be a little exploration game I made for the topic of the month
I was hoping for maybe some suggestions, feedback, and perhaps some assistance..
Subzero is a game where your sent to a different planet. A desolate wasteland, but it does have potential for life. Your job would be to make the planet as liveable as possible. While also exploring the world. So that brings me to my next thing: features.

The coming features would be things such as (In no order of importance):

  • Survival.
  • Instead of erasing the terrain, it saves it everytime you come back.
  • The ability to collect items.
  • The ability to use those items.
  • Caves

Uncheck "draggable" for player

Oh your right i almost forgot lol

I have an idea although it might be annoying to add. Make it so that the level scrolls, and the player stays in the middle of the screen. This can be acheived using the CPE Blocks Resize stage width, adding curtains at the edge of the screen and generating terrain there when the camera reaches there. Then, remove the curtains and player, and use the screenshot custom block to have the original terrain, and newly generated terrain together. Have the background sprite set this to their costume, and the background can be moved seamlessly.

Hey that's a really good idea! I think we could use that