In the default Snap categories, there are what I call subcategories, they simply are bigger spaces between two blocks (like between ^ and mod). How can I implement those in my categories or edit the ones which already exist?

may have found it, is it in objects.js, line 2167?

Line number depends on which version you have.

But it is made just adding a "separator" element ( blocks.push('-');) to the blocks list.


ok, got it right then. is = for a bigger space or does it do something else?

I think "=" is for a line and "-" is for a space

Um, I wonder where is the blocks list?

Hi @Tofutush,

See that @rubenverg question is about object.js Snap! file and then, all this is about hacking Snap! code.
Then, you can see functions named blockTemplates that return this blocks array (just the blocks of the category requested).


Ooh. Thank you very much!