Stuck on program

I am trying to test if the given values form a real triangle and notify the user about it.

I have tried putting a+b>c/a+c>b/c+b>a and a lot of different ways of trying to do the opposite and set that equal to not a real triangle, but the program doesn't recognize it.

Here is the link to my project, thanks to anyone for their time.

Welcome to Snap!.

It's a real triangle only if all three inequalities are satisfied. So you need

(you fill in the blanks).

By the way, your life will be easier if you learn to love composition of functions. So, instead of

you can just say

Thank you for the suggestion, that first part of your advice got me through this project, you're welcome to check it out completed, I'm very thankful for you help, have a good day!

Updated version:

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