Streams library 2.0 development part 2

I've deployed your new streams library to dev yesterday, thak you! In order to see new versions of a library you need to explicitly clear your browser cache.

I tried a different computer and it works now, thanks!

@bh : strange as it may seem (at least to myself), now that it has been deployed I am somehow more inclined to look at it with the eyes of a novice - and think it could do with a tutorial block at the top of the palette. If you agree I'll try to write create one later this month, integrating the contents of demo block.

Interesting idea. I wonder if we should do that for some other libraries.

MQTT has a tutorial/example block (or had it at one point) and I find it super helpful when I occasionally forget what a block in the library does or how it can be used. It's very useful.

Thanks. Yeah, the streams library already has one like that, with examples of using the library. What @qw23 is suggesting is something more tutorial than that, with a relative lot of text explaining what streams are. (The MQTT one doesn't do that; it doesn't even say what "MQTT" is an acronym for.) It'd be a lot of work to do a good job of it. (Actually if I were going to try it, I'd start by just copy-pasting the relevant section from SICP.)