Strange red line in string input boxes

Hmm. It doesn't happen to me in that configuration. My best guess is that you have some Chrome option set, maybe for accessibility?

I hate to sound like a call center droid, but maybe you should reinstall Chrome.

Strangest thing is the red line appears over the x value and not the y in the move to block.

Ok so today just got on and changed none of my settings and stuff and now its just gone as if it never happened so thats weird

i mean, is this really a solution? If someone gets the same bug, we should at least understand whether it's Snap or Chrome, and what can be done to fix it if it's Chrome. Did you just reopen Snap or did you do anything to Chrome?

I honestly dont know if it was snap or crome. But for anyone who does have this bug, ill unmark it as solution

In the latest minor release (v6.2.2) you should now be able to "turn off" those red stripes by shift-clicking on the "gears" settings button and de-checking the "Blurred shadows" option:

This will turn off all blurred shadows everywhere, and should also get rid of those red stripes. That setting is remembered by the browser until you change it again.

Can someone who is able to reproduce the "red stripes" confirm that this workaround addresses the issue?


Just used a laptop which showed the issue - turned off Blurred shadows and the red lines went away :slight_smile:

thanks for the confirmation, Simon!