Strange red line in string input boxes

Hello, today I have noticed a strange thing. The string input for blocks such as "go to x:() y:()" has red lines at the () part. This only happens when I don't have flat design on and this just doesn't show on my Ipad. Since I noticed it I cant not un-see it and want to know if there is a way to disable it. If you know how, please tell me!
Here is a picture of what it looks like:
You can see it above the report block, in the go to block, and in the if <> block!
red lines
Also if this is a intentional feature that isn't meant to be disabled I (personally) think it looks kinda strange

I think this should be moved to Bug Reports.


The thing is, I don't think this is a bug. I feel like this is a setting or something in Snap! but I just dont know where it would be as its not in the main setting UI button.

Try pressing the buttons at the top while holding the shift key, there might be something.

Looked through that hole list and none of them got rid of it, there where 2 i thought it was and toggled them but it didn't make a difference

Well, I think we’ll wait for a developer :expressionless:

rip, ok then. at the meantime ill use flat design. My eyes will regret this..

I’m not exactly sure.

Snap is great on iPads though there are some odd things. Sometimes, the spaces in a string come out as dots. Sometimes, white outlines appear while tapping.

If a Snap developer is reading this, please make the arrows on the “multiple inputs” easier to press on mobile.

What’s “Flat Design” anyway?

Go to settings and turn on “Flat Design”. It’s a light theme with more modern-looking blocks and interface.

If you are talking about red dots in an input, that is a deliberate feature.

This is a bug. It should go in bug reports

Cannot reproduce. Please share your browser.

That's very strange. Could you please tell us your OS and version, and browser and version?

Im on windows 10 latest and my browser is Chrome version 84

Edit: Changed it to bug report

I'm not talking about those, if you look at the screenshot there are red lines where you type in numbers/text above where the text goes

I wasn't replying to you.

oh I got the notification for it and i thought it was a reply to me, still getting used to snap. So sorry about that.

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