Stickman Anamates

I have an idea for a pen animated stickman/character. See here:

If you have made a change or want to collab then please reply. Also, you can edit this post if you like.

Thanks @spacer

I didn't see spacer reply

Oh she edited the post.

don't assume gender, I'm a boy.


Thanks Funtime Foxy for editing.

no problem
i just fixed the link

also does it have to use pen? I'm terrible with pen animations

why is it that color

for emphasis


how did @funtime_foxy101 make that though thats what I'm asking

I just put it there in my last post...

oh I thought it was an random thing

It doesn't " have" to but still is kind of not point

I made the stickman dance. Next it will change colour

why did you do that this collaboration is not Evan running anymore.

okay, but it's obviously dead and bumping just causes unnecessary alerts.

This really didn’t need a bump.

Iv made more