Statistics of number sets

I know it's not much, but I made a project that gets statistics of a set of numbers.

It's a start.

wow this topic is really short

i just realized that mode is bugged... :thinking: oops i just realized that was a false alarm :thinking:

that was strange though

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I can't open your project link. Did you remember to share it?

well, it says "unshare" where the "share" button should be

Huh, this time it worked for me.

Nice, but you should learn to love the COMBINE block.
It can help with RANGE too.

I'm trying to think of a good way to do MODE with higher order functions. I can find really inefficient solutions (e.g., reading through the entire list for each item) but nothing fast and elegant.

nevermind, i just realized that was because there were no reoccurring numbers in the set where I noticed this "bug."

Min and Max are bugged because the variables are originally set to 1 instead of (item (1) of (list)).

I think min and max are supposed to report the index of the selected value. should work instead.

Got it, thanks.