Start up with a specific user interface language

I think I have read somewhere it is possible to make snap! start with a specific user interface language by adding an argument to the URL. But I cannot find that any more.

It would be so helpful for my Dutch students if I could give them a URL that makes it start up in Dutch language immediately...

Does such a way to start up exist, of was it in my dreams?

Hi Evelien,
yes! Such an option exists:

Is this what you're looking for?

Thanks for your reply Jens.
That is indeed what I need!
Can I also pull that off with a downloaded copy of snap! ?

only if you're running a local web server, but not when you load Snap! from a file.
However, you an your students only need to switch Snap! to Dutch once using the Settgins->Language Menu. Your browser will remember the setting next time you open Snap, and that also works with a locally downloaded copy.