Split by XML in Snap! style

here is a block I created to split xml. This is for my upcoming xml library to edit the scripting area (waiting for snap 10 to release), but anyway here is this block. I used the same formatting as snap does in the SPLIT BY BLOCKS block, with the first part being the block, and then what's in it. You have to use dev version it seems because of a bug that was only fixed there. (and also I was too lazy to make one of the blocks myself so I used a primitive from the dev version but we dont talk about that) To change split xml to its text form, do what you would do with the SPLIT BY BLOCKS block (since thats what this is based off of): use good ol' join input list.

I might use this to make a web browser that uses HTML or something similar.

what would this do to help

xml is formatted similarly to HTML. your project could be used to parse the HTML of a webpage and render the contents on the stage.

The problem is that there are some html element that don't use a closing tag, like <br>, so there would have to be some specific html exceptions (automatically close specific elements).

oh yeah i forgot

yeah that caused me some problems

However, there's a way to make non-closing elements. Add a slash after the name.

<input type="text" />
<br />

It is mandatory to do that in XML if you want to make a non-closing element.

Perhaps flex Snap! to its limits by attempting to build an entire complete web browser. That should keep programmers busy?

I don’t know get that could be fast enough without a ton of JS. And if you are using that much, why make it in snap?

A recreational way to show the capabilities of Snap! and the programmers' skill level.