sPhone(stands for Snap! Phone) is an attempt to make a phone simulator in Snap!

Dev team

  • Sir_kitten2

No hate, this I will finish, in honor of OSWars on scratch

among us? I'm waiting for the next version of Snap!

@bh this collab probably wont happen, please close this topic

@bh please close?

We could continue this collab if you want. I still have the project.

So a iPhone simulator, that’s pretty easy.

Yes, but it will use one sprite for each app(and clones) to reduce lag.

Well, in my prototype I made it so there’s only one app sprite, and that sprite clones itself n times.

Can you share the prototype?

Yeah I want to see it too. Also this colab is like a OS but way harder cause phone design?


"Could not fetch project sPhone
This project does not exist"

Doesn’t exist.

Ah, it's just not shared. Try again, should work now.