Spec of block


No JS.



This is super cool and crazy and I have no idea how you made it.

I got the idea when I tried LETTER 1 OF COMPILE ... FOR 0 ARGS (I could have also used a JS function block instead of the COMPILE) and noticed that it did give "f". I then wondered if you could do the same with a ringified block, and you can. So I checked the full thing, and it does have the blockspec in there. At this point, I realized I could get the blockspec without JS. Then I made the block.

Alright, thanks.

Converting the ringified expression to a string does some kind of serialization
untitled script pic - 2022-07-27T025743.329

, so it can be simplified...
untitled script pic - 2022-07-27T025149.957

Thanks! That works.