Sound editor

I request a......Sound Editor!

I want this because not all people have access to Sound editor websites, and Sound editors are very useful to crop sounds, make them faster or make them slower, without code!

Make it

like the scratch sound editor

You can make all or a selected part of the sound:

  • deleted
  • copied
  • pasted
  • slower
  • faster
  • fade in
  • fade out
  • louder
  • softer

, but you can also make sounds higher and lower, and stretch/squeezing them doesn't make them higher or lower.

You have my vote for a sound editor like that.

Yeah, it's annoying to have to shorten sounds somewhere else because it's too big.

Thank you, thank you :)

Snap! is very capable of manipulating sounds.

Sounds can be converted into samples

Samples can be cropped, made louder or quieter and sped up or slowed down.

Have a read of the manual at page 66 to get started :slight_smile:

Wouldn't that need code though? With the editor--you can use less code..

In the meantime, the preferred way to edit sounds in Snap! is to use the power of computer science :wink:

To test this one out, just import the default "Chord" sound and run this:

untitled script pic

You'll end up with a shorter version of that sound, that includes just the part in the middle.

If you wanted to select a particular part between two precise points in time, you could determine what sample to start at by dividing the total number of samples by the duration, and then multiplying that rate by the point in time you're looking for. For example, here's how to get the sample number for second 30 of a song I imported into Snap!:

untitled script pic(3)

Turn this into a custom block:

untitled script pic(4)

Then crop the sound by using my previous technique:

untitled script pic(5)

To make it prettier, make another custom block out of this one:

untitled script pic(8)

And there you go, a Snap!-made sound cropper:

untitled script pic(9)

Wasn't that much more fun than just opening a ready-made widget? :slight_smile:

And yes, of course that needs code. Snap! is a programming language, so you're expected to do things by, well, programming. I don't even know how to respond to this.

(Here's the project I made while replying to you:

that works pretty well, sort of. I found that in order to crop a sound that has 2 channels, I need to put the numbers from to reporter in a list block. It doesn't work very well, I mean, look at this

the duration should be 5, not under 1

edit: it's the sample at second reporter, it's getting the length of this list, which is 2 for 2 channels, not the actual length.

another edit: I fixed @bromagosa's scripts so they actually work.

(I did put sm64 credits in the project as an example, mono and stereo)

Oh, right. I didn't take in account stereo sounds. Thanks for fixing that! :slight_smile:

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