Sound Editor W.I.P

For a while, I've been working on my own sound editor in snap. I am absolutely not finished, as there is no way to export the sound.

Here's the project link. Note: you do need javascript to use

The only uses for javascript is playing the sound (so I can easily pause a sound and resume it), setting the page title to the sound name, and for the effects menu.

This is not finished, and the ui is NOT final. I plan on adding actual sprites for buttons for the effects, instead of a dialog. I still haven't put in all the effects I want (I do want to add an echo effect), some more effect customization, speeding up and slowing down.

I like it so far! I took the alien_creak1 sound, reversed it, and made it louder, and I got something like "uaaaat".

Nice! Are you going to implement all of Audacity?

I'm trying to understand why your code to plot the sound is so complicated.

You should definitely have clip and filter effects. Filter is a little complicated; I'll be interested to see if you can figure out how the frequency-domain features of the sound primitives really works. (Then you can teach me!)

Very cool :star_struck:

Very very cool ! I like it !

the plot sound block? I just got it from the audio comp library and edited it so it places both channels in the same place.